Configure SAML

By setting up SAML as the primary authentication service for Bitium, you can extend your primary identity to all your cloud apps. Employees will log into Bitium using their corporate SAML username and password.

To Configure ADFS as Primary Authentication into Bitium Click Here.

SAML Integration is available on all Bitium plans.
  1. Open the “Manage [ORG]” menu and select “Directories”.

  2. On the Directory Set up screen, select “SAML”

  3. On the Google Apps “Step 1: Services” page make sure “Authentication” is selected. Click “Next”.

    Select "Authentication".

    Select “Authentication”.

  4. On the “Step 2: Connect” page supply the required information to set up the connection between SAML and Bitium. Click “Continue”.

    Enter attributes required for SAML primary auth.

    Enter Attributes Required For SAML Primary Auth.

  5. The “Step 3: Connected” page will confirm that you are successfully connected to SAML. Click “Next”.

  6. On the “Step 5: Primary Auth” page click “Login and Activate”. A ‘SAML consent page’ will appear, check the “I’m not a robot” captcha, and click “Continue SAML Single Sign-on”.

    Click "Login and Activate"

    Select “Login and Activate”.

  7. A prompt will indicate that your SAML authorization was successful. Click “Continue”, and SAML primary authentication will be set to “ON”.

    SAML Authentication setup is successful.

    SAML Authentication Setup Is Successful.