Configure BambooHR

Directory Sync for BambooHR requires access to Bitium’s Business Plus or Unlimited plan.


Syncing an application’s external directory such as BambooHR with Bitium allows for perpetual consistency between your directory or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Bitium. New, or removed, employees in your directory will be reflected in your Bitium organization.


  1. Open the “Manage [ORG]” menu and select “Directories”.

  2. On the Directory Set up screen, select “BambooHR”

  3. On the BambooHR “Step 1: Services” page select “Directory Sync” and click “Next”.

  4. Enter subdomain. Subdomains are the x’s in

    Subdomains are the x's in

    Enter Subdomain.

  5. Select the “Approve Access” button. A “BambooHR Authorization successful” prompt will appear, click “Close and Continue”.

    BambooHR authorization is successful.

    BambooHR Authorization is successful

  6. The next page will confirm that you are successfully connected to BambooHR. Click “Next”.

  7. On the “Step 4: Settings” page configure BambooHR with the options provided. Click “Continue”. You have completed the directory sync process for BambooHR.

    Configure Directory Sync Options

    Configure Directory Sync Options