Viewing App Passwords

In Bitium, the default rule is that only the person who has entered a password is able to view that password (unless permission is explicitly granted to another user). In other words, users who configure their own individual apps do not have to worry about admins (or anyone else) seeing their passwords, and admins who set up shared apps do not have to worry about end-users (or anyone else) seeing the passwords to those apps.

As an end user, if you need to view a password that you have entered (or been given permission to view) in the past, there are two different places where you can do so.

  1. Hover over an application on your dashboard, and if you have password visibility or are the credential owner, you will have the option to show or copy the password for this app.

    Viewing App Passwords in Bitium

    Show or Copy Password

  2. By clicking the drop-down menu to the left of the app name and then clicking on “Settings,” you will also be able to see the app settings. From here, you may also show or copy passwords that you have access to view, or have entered yourself.

    Viewing App Passwords in Bitium


As an admin, you may view the password to any app you have configured or been granted password viewing permissions for by going to “Manage Apps” under your admin menu, selecting the app for which you wish to view the password, going to the “Settings” tab, and clicking the show password (lock) icon.

Note: Bitium uses encryption to protect the confidentiality of your passwords and other credentials.