User-to-User Sharing

Application Sharing

The user-to-user sharing feature allows users to share access to an application with other users in their organization. This is available to users when they are able to view the app’s password on their dash. This occurs in two different scenarios:

  1. The user is the credential owner of an app - the credential owner is the user that entered in the login and password when first configuring the app. The credential owner will always be able to see the app’s password.
  2. The user has been given permission to view that app’s password by an admin or the user that shared the app.

How do I disable user-to-user sharing?

  1. Click “Manage [Org]”; Select “Settings.”
  2. Click “General Settings.”
  3. Turn the “User-to-User Sharing” toggle to OFF.

Why is User-to-User sharing turned on as default?

Users who know their credentials can share them with other users through a document even if they are using Bitium. User to user sharing allows them to share access without sharing the underlying credential. By turning this feature off you will likely push users to share passwords outside of Bitium.