Changing an App Password

If you are an end user and you have changed the password in one of your apps, you will need to edit the password in Bitium in order to login using Bitium’s single sign on.

This does not apply if you changed the app’s password using Bitium’s Password Reset functionality.

  1. On your Bitium dashboard, find the app whose password you wish to change, click on the down arrow to access the menu, and select “Settings.”

  2. In the app settings popup that appears, click the “edit” button on the right side the “Password” row.

    If you do not see the “edit” button or password field, this means that you do not have permission to view the app’s password in Bitium. You will need to contact the user or administrator who configured the app to have them make the password change.

  3. Enter your updated password and click “Save Changes.” Bitium will verify that the new credential is valid before saving. Once confirmed, the app will be updated with your new password.

    If you change the password for an app that you have shared with another Bitium user, the password will automatically change for the user(s) you shared with.

NOTE: This process does not change your password in the app itself. If you need to modify your password in an app, you will need sign into the app, use the relevant “change password” feature within that app, then update your App subscription settings in Bitium as detailed herein. Where available, you can also use Bitium’s Password Reset functionality.