Different types of users in Bitium

Generally speaking there are two main types of users that utilize Bitium – the end-users (i.e. employees) and the administrators of the organization (i.e. company or team managers).

In the process of inviting and managing employees, administrators can track the different types of users in their Bitium organization.

Click “Manage Users” and you will see a list of all users by default.


Manage Users

If you click “Filter by” you can select which users you’d like to pull up:


Users filter

  1. Active users
    Users who are active
  2. Suspended users
    Users whose Bitium access has been temporarily revoked. They will not be able to use their Bitium account until an admin re-activates them.
  3. Invited users
    Users who have been manually sent invites but haven’t signed up on Bitium.
  4. Pending users
    Users who have been synced via an enabled directory and have not yet configured their Bitium accounts.
  5. Active with no app logins
    Users who have signed up but haven’t configured any apps and used any apps in Bitium.
  6. Deactivated users
    Users who have been deactivated will no longer have their emails associated with the Bitium organization and have been deleted from the organization’s list of users.