Shared Apps - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shared app?

A shared app is an app where multiple user login to the same account with the same username and password. An example would be a corporate Twitter account accessed by several members of a marketing team.

What are the advantages of shared apps?

  • Total admin control over the username and password. Admins can assign users to shared apps or shared apps to users without ever revealing passwords for the applications. All users will have the same username but they will never know the password for the app. This prevents users from accessing the app outside of Bitium.
  • Easy & Secure Offboarding. Since admins have total control over the app’s password, they do not have to change or remove the account in the third party app when an employee leaves the company. They can simply remove the user’s subscription to the application in Bitium. Once the user’s access to Bitium is turned off, the user will not be able to access the app.
  • Groups and Onboarding. When adding a new user to a group nested with shared apps, the user will automatically receive subscriptions to shared apps. On day one, a new user can login to Bitium with shared apps pre-configured on their dashboard. One click and the user is ready to go.
  • Simple for Users. Once an admin configures a shared app and assigns it, users can simply click the app on their dashboard without any need to configure or remember a password.
  • You can establish Policies. With shared apps, admins can apply bulk permissions to the associated username and password. This allows other admins, group admins, or specific admins to manage credentials and easily assign apps to users.

How do you add a shared app?

  1. Click “Manage [Org].”
  2. Select “Manage Apps.”
  3. Click “Add More Apps.”
  4. Search for the app you’d like to share and select it.
  5. Choose “Shared Account” for the account type.
  6. Enter in a username/email and password for the app.
  7. Once the app is installed, click “Assign Users.”
  8. On the “Add Users” screen that appears, select the user(s) you wish to share the App with. You can filter the user list by searching for a user’s name, or by selecting a Group from the “Filter by Group” drop-down list. You can select all displayed users by clicking on the “Add All” button at the bottom-right of the User list.
  9. Click “Done.”

The shared app will now appear on your users’ dashboards. To log in, they will simply click on the app icon in Bitium.

Users will not be able to see the app’s password unless you expressly grand them permission by clicking the “eyeball” icon next to their name on the app’s settings page.