Why Can’t I Share an Application? I’m an Admin!

In order for an admin to be able to share access to another user’s credentials or to share access to a shared application set up by another admin, 2 things need to be true:

  1. The user (or admin) needs to have given admins access to their username and password via the “Allow admins access to the password” checkbox
  2. There needs to be a password policy applied to the application

To determine if an application has met the criteria above criteria, go to the Credentials and Policies tab in the application you are wanting to share. Here you can see the policies that are applied to the application and whether or not the credentials for that application have been shared with admins by the user (Status is “Managed”).

Here is an example of an application that an admin would be able to share:


Example app

If the credential you are trying to share is listed as “Unmanaged,” you can click the “Request Credentials” button next to the status. This will send a request to the credential owner to share the app’s credentials with admins. Once this is approved by the user, admins will be able to share the application.

If the application you are trying to share does not have a policy applied to it, but the credentials are managed, see our support article on How to Configure a Policy to add one to the application. Additionally, consider Enabling a Default Policy in your organization.