Creating and Viewing Secure Notes

Want to keep track of important bits of data about one of your organization’s Apps? Use Secure Notes!

As an admin, you can add Secure Notes to any app. A Secure Note can include any relevant information, e.g. app passwords, subscription renewal information, vendor contact details, security questions and answers, etc.

By default, Secure Notes for an app are only visible to administrators. But admins can also make the Secure Notes for any App visible to all users with access to the App.

How to Add a Secure Note

To add a secure note to an app, follow these steps:

  1. From your Organization’s “Manage” menu, select “Manage Apps.”
  2. Click on the app for which you would like to add a Secure Note.
  3. Click on the tab labeled “Secure Notes.”
  4. Enter your desired text in the “Note” field.
  5. Check the box marked “Public” to allow ALL users with access to the app to see the Secure Note. If the box is left unchecked, only admins will be able to view the Secure Note.
  6. Click “Update Note” to save it.
Configure Secure Note

Configure Secure Note

How to View a Secure Note

Once a Secure Note is added to an app, there are two ways to view the note:

  1. If the Secure Note is only visible to admins, any admin can follow steps 1-3 above to view the note.
  2. If it the Secure Note is “public”, and therefore visible to all users who have access to the app, users can view the Secure Note from their Dashboard, by mousing over the app, selecting the gear icon that appears, and then selecting the “Secure Notes” tab. Users will be able to view (but not edit) the note, and also see which administrator created the Secure Note.
View Secure Note

View Secure Note