Configuring SAML for Workplace by Facebook


Bitium: Admin

Workplace by Facebook: System Administrator

In Workplace:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Authentication.

In Bitium:

  1. Go to “Manage Apps.”

  2. Select “Workplace by Facebook” from the list of installed apps.

  3. Navigate to the Single Sign-On Tab

    Copy the values from Bitium into Workplace, and from Workplace to Bitium

  4. Copy the Login URL from Bitium. Paste it into the SAML URL field in Workplace.

  5. Copy the Entity ID from Bitium. Paste it into the SAML issuer URL in Workplace.

  6. Copy the X.509 Certificate from Bitium. Paste it into the SAML certificate field in Workplace.

  7. Copy the Audience URL from Workplace. Paste it into the Entity ID field in Bitium.

  8. Copy the ACS (Assertion Consumer Service) URL. Paste it into the ACS URL field in Bitium.

  9. Click Save Changes in Bitium.

  10. Click Save in Workplace.

  11. Assign yourself the app in Bitium.

    Enable SSO Authentication in Workplace

  12. In Workplace, choose “SSO Only” from the Authentication dropdown at the top. Adjust the settings as preferred.

    Test out your SAML settings in Workplace

  13. At the bottom, the green “Test SSO” button should now be enabled. Click to test. It should successfully authenticate you into Workplace in a new popup menu.

  14. Save your settings in Workplace.

Workplace does support JIT provisioning.