Configuring SAML for SalesLoft


Bitium: Admin

SalesLoft: Enterprise account required. Must be an admin to configure.

In SalesLoft:

  1. Login as an Admin to SalesLoft. Navigate to Settings > Team Settings > Single Sign On

    Navigate to the Single Sign On tab in SalesLoft

  2. Locate and copy the RelayState from SalesLoft.

    Copy the RelayState from SalesLoft

In Bitium:

  1. Go to “Manage Apps.”

  2. Select “SalesLoft” from the list of installed apps.

  3. Navigate to the Single Sign-On Tab

  4. Paste the RelayState into the Saml Relay State field in Bitium.

  5. Download the Metadata XML from Bitium.

  6. In SalesLoft, upload the Metadata from Bitium.

    Download the Metadata XML from Bitium, upload into SalesLoft

  7. Click Save Changes in Bitium. Assign yourself to the SalesLoft app.

    Save in Bitium and assign yourself to the app

  8. In SalesLoft, test out the integration. You should be authenticated through to your dashboard.

    Test out the connection in SalesLoft

  9. Once the test is successful, click the Enable SSO Login button in SalesLoft.

    Enable SAML in SalesLoft

SalesLoft does not support JIT provisioning at this time.