Configuring SAML for Moxtra


Bitium: All account levels; must be an admin to set up

Moxtra: All account levels; must be an admin to set up

In Bitium:

  1. Go to “Manage Apps.”

  2. Select “Moxtra” from the list of installed apps.

  3. Select the “Single Sign-On” tab.

  4. From the dropdown, select “SAML Authentication.”

    Select SAML Authentication

Leave your Bitium window open and continue in a new tab.

In Moxtra:

  1. Navigate to and click SAML Single Sign-on.
  2. Click to set up a new SAML integration.
  3. In the “Name” field in Moxtra, type Bitium.

In Bitium & Moxtra

SAML for Moxtra

Populate appropriate fields in Moxtra

  1. From Bitium, copy the Entity ID. Paste it into the “IdP Entity ID ‘field in Moxtra.
  2. Type “” into the “SP Entity ID” field in Moxtra.
  3. Copy the Login URL from Bitium. Paste it into the “Login URL” field in Moxtra.
  4. Paste “urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:Password” into the “AuthnContextClassRef” field in Moxtra.
  5. Select “urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent” from the “NameID Format” dropdown menu in Moxtra.
  6. Check the “IDP Initiated” radio button for “SSO Flow” in Moxtra.
  7. Type “EmailAddress” into the “Target Parameter (for IdP-Initiated)”” field in Moxtra.
  8. Copy the X.509 Certificate from Bitium and paste this into the “Certificate” field in Moxtra.
  9. Fill in the email domain from which your users will be authenticating, into the SAML email domain field in Moxtra. (You will need to add certain lines to your DNS to verify your email domain in Moxtra).
  10. Save your changes in Moxtra.
  11. In Bitium, type “” into the Entity ID field.
  12. Type “” into the ACS URL field. Replace “IDP-ID” with the Entity ID you received from Bitium (format should be Also replace “ORG-ID” with your Moxtra organization id - which can be found in Moxtra beneath the SAML Email Domain field.
  13. Click “Save Changes” in Bitium.

For further documentation, see

SAML Enabled will be illuminated in green once completed.