Configuring SAML for Lucidchart


Bitium: All account levels; must be an admin to set up

Lucidchart: Must have team level or above account; must be an Admin to set up

In Bitium:

  1. Go to “Manage Apps.”

  2. Select “Lucidchart” from the list of installed apps.

  3. Select the “Single Sign-On” tab.

  4. From the dropdown, select “SAML Authentication.”

    Select SAML Authentication

Leave your Bitium window open and continue in a separate tab.

In Lucidchart:

  1. Login to Lucidchart and go to the team page.
  2. Click on the Manage SAML button on the right.
  3. Check the “Enable SAML” box at the top of the SAML Settings page.
  4. Enter your Domain in the “Domain” field.

In Bitium & Lucidchart:

  1. In Bitium, enter your Domain in the Domain field (the same as is noted in the previous step, above)
  2. Copy the Metadata URL from Bitium and paste it into the “Upload Metadata” field in Lucidchart.
  3. In Lucidchart, click “Save Changes.”
  4. In Bitium, Go back to the Single Sign-On tab for Lucidchart and click the “Save Changes” button.

In Lucidchart, you will be taken to a new page. If you would like a User’s account to be automatically created in Lucidchart for Bitium Users that do not already have one, check the “Automatically add new users to the team” box. Thereafter, when you assign the Lucidchart app to Users in Bitium, Lucidchart accounts will automatically be created for them.

SAML Enabled will be illuminated in green once completed.