Configuring SAML for Envoy


Bitium: All account levels; must be an admin to set up

Envoy: Must be an admin to set up

In Bitium:

  1. Go to “Manage Apps.”

  2. Select “Envoy” from the list of installed apps.

  3. Select the “Single Sign-On” tab.

  4. From the dropdown, select “SAML Authentication.”

    Select SAML Authentication

Leave your Bitium window open and continue in a new tab.

In Bitium & Envoy:

  1. In the Enovy app, navigate to
  2. Select “SAML.”
  3. Copy “SAML SSO Redirect URL” from Envoy and paste the URL into Bitium’s “SAML URL” field.
  4. Copy the X.509 Certificate Fingerprint from Bitium and paste into Envoy’s “Fingerprint” field.
  5. Copy the Login URL from Bitium and paste into Envoy’s “Identity Provider HTTP SAML URL” field.
  6. Click “Save Changes” in Bitium.
  7. Click “Save” in Envoy.
SAML Enabled will be illuminated in green once completed.