Configuring SAML for DeskPRO Cloud


Bitium: All account levels; must be an admin to set up

DeskPRO: Must have Admin permissions to set up

In Bitium:

  1. Go to “Manage Apps.”

  2. Select “DeskPRO Cloud” from the list of installed apps.

  3. Select the “Single Sign-On” tab.

  4. From the dropdown, select “SAML Authentication.”

    Select SAML Authentication

Leave your Bitium window open and continue in a new tab.

In DeskPRO:

  1. Login to your DeskPRO account and go to the admin screen (https://{subdomain}
  2. On the left hand side, click on the ‘agents’ icon.
  3. Under Agents, click Auth & SSO.
  4. Click “Add.”
  5. Choose “SAML Authentication.”
  6. Click the “Enabled” button.

In Bitium & DeskPRO:

  1. Copy the Login URL from Bitium’s “Single Sign-On Tab” and paste it into DeskPRO’s “SSO: Single Sign-On URL” field.
  2. Copy the Logout URL from Bitium and paste it into DeskPROs “SLO: Single Log Off URL” field.
  3. Copy the Metadata URL from Bitium and paste it into DeskPRO’s “Metadata: Issuer XML Metadata URL” field.
  4. Copy the X.509 Certificate from Bitium and paste it into DeskPRO’s “x509 Certificate” field.
  5. In DeskPRO, go to SSO Method and Select “Automatic.”
  6. In DeskPRO’s Auto Agent section, check “Automatically create agents” if they do not exist and if you would like Bitium users provisioned into DeskPRO. You can choose which permissions to give these newly-created DeskPRO accounts there.
  7. Click the “Install” button in DeskPRO.
  8. There should now be a blue box with SAML details in DeskPRO. From that box, copy the ACS details and paste that into the “ACS URL” field in Bitium.
  9. Save the settings in Bitium.
  10. In DeskPRO, click the “Enable button.

It is also possible to set up SAML under the CRM tab, if you would like users to be able to sign in with SAML. However, since your users/customers most may not be be in your Bitium organization, please check with DeskPRO Cloud Support before setting up that configuration.

You may also want to look at the DeskPRO cloud Knowledge Base article here.

SAML Enabled will be illuminated in green once completed.