Configuring SAML for Citrix GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToAssist


Bitium: All account levels; must be an admin to set up

Citrix GoToMeeting/Webinar/Assist: WebSSO Administrator access

In Bitium:

  1. Go to “Manage Apps.”

  2. Select your “GoTo” app from the list of installed apps.

  3. Select the “Single Sign-On” tab.

  4. From the dropdown, select “SAML Authentication.”

    Select SAML Authentication

  5. Download the X.509 Certificate; this file will need to be uploaded to Citrix.

  6. Keep this browser window open, you will need to provide the Login and Logout URLs to GoTo.

In your Citrix GoTo app:

  1. Go to the Citrix GoTo SAML Configuration Page - NOTE: You must have WebSSO Admin access.

  2. Select the “Configure Manually” radio button.

  3. Paste the Logout URL from Bitium in the Sign-out page URL field in Citrix.

  4. Paste the Login URL from Bitium in the Sign-in page URL field in Citrix.

  5. Upload the X.509 Certificate you saved earlier from Bitium.

    Configuring SAML for Citrix GoToMeeting

    Upload the X.509 Certificate

  6. Click Save.

In Bitium:

Go back to the Single Sign-On tab for your GoTo app and click the “Save Changes” button.

Save changes

SAML Enabled will be illuminated in green once completed.