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Cross-Org Delegation: Requesting Access to Apps from Outside Parties (e.g. customers, clients, consultants)

Bitium’s Cross-Org Delegation feature allows admins to request access to applications from third-parties who are not part of their org, even if they are not a Bitium customer.

For example, teams accessing social media accounts on behalf of clients can request access to these accounts without needing to know the password.

The client will have complete control over the password, and also get visibility into who logs into their account. If they change the password, they can change it without any interruption in access to you or your team.

The process contains 3 major steps:

  1. A Bitium admin initiates the access request;
  2. The account owner approves the access request; and
  3. The admin grants access to users who should be able to use the newly-shared credentials.


Administrator issues a request for cross-organization Shared Access

  1. As an admin, select “Manage Apps” from the “Manage [Org]” menu in the Bitium navigation bar.

  2. Click the “Add More Apps” button, and select the App for which you wish to request delegated access.

  3. On the Install App screen, select “Request Access” under Type, enter the email address of the person who will be delegating access, and a short message (optional), and click Install App.

    Cross-Org Delegation

    Select the “Request Access” Option

  4. The App will then appear in your organization’s App list, with an “Access request pending” indicator.

    Cross-Org Delegation

    Access Request Pending Notification

Delegator (Client/Contractor)

Account owner grants access to the Requestor

  1. The person who will be delegating access will receive an email notifying them of the request, and providing them to a link to Bitium

    The account owner will NOT need to purchase a Bitium account to delegate access. They will simply be required to create a username and password that will allow them to access a limited dashboard to managed the shared account.

    Cross-Org Delegation

    Email Received by Account Owner

  2. Account owner approves the access request by clicking the “See Request” button in the share access request email. They will be taken to Bitium.com, where they will be prompted to create an account, or to sign in if they already have a Bitium account.

    Cross-Org Delegation

    Account Owner Approves Access to App

  3. After creating (or signing into) their Bitium account, the account owner will see the “Shared Access - Manage Requests” screen, where they will click the “View” button next to the App access request.

    Cross-Org Delegation

    Account Owners can Manage Requests

  4. They will then click “Share Access” in the resulting popup.

    Cross-Org Delegation

    Share Access

  5. On the following screen, the account owner will enter their login information for the requested app and click “Share Access”. This completes the access sharing request, and grants access to the requesting admin.

    The account owner is able to revoke access at any time, via the Shared Access - Manage Shared Apps screen. To revoke access, they would click “Revoke” next to the app, and confirm that they want to revoke access by clicking OK in the resulting dialog.

    Cross-Org Delegation

    Manage Requests Menu


  1. After the account owner approves the access sharing request, you will receive an email indicating that the request has been granted, prompting you to return to Bitium.
  2. You can now add users to this shared access subscription via the standard app sharing process, initiated by accessing the “Assign Users” page from the admin menu.

You may also change the display name for this App for your organization, by modifying it on the Settings tab.

In your organization’s Manage App list, apps shared from outside your organization will be marked with a small “key” icon, for easy reference.

Cross-Org Delegation

Key Icon Denotes Cross-Org Apps

The shared access subscription will appear on the Dashboard of each assigned user, just like any other app.