Bitium Reports

Bitium’s Reports feature offers admins a high-level overview of user activity across their org’s apps while also offering significant insight into the strength of user passwords. For more granular insight into the various admin/user activities happening in an org, please see Events 101.

Bitium’s Reports include: App Usage, Most Active Apps, Most Active Users, Password Duplication, Weak Passwords, and Password Visibility.

App Usage

The number of unique logins to each app over the past 90 days

Example App Usage Report

Most Active Apps

The cumulative number of logins to each application over the past 90 days

Example Most Active Apps Report

Most Active Users

The cumulative number of application logins grouped by user

Example Most Active Users Report

Password Duplication

Applications for which a user is using the same password

Example Password Duplication Report

Weak Passwords

Applications with a password score of “C” or below

Example Weak Passwords Report

Password Visibility

Applications users have shared with password visibility

Example Password Visibility Report

Password Aging

Applications with passwords older than 90 days

Example Password Aging Report

With all of Bitium’s reports, the associated data can be easily exported to a CSV file. Simply click on the “Export to CSV” button at the top of the page.