Automatic Password Reset Settings

Bitium allows you to change passwords for applications without ever going to the application.

Not all apps support Automatic Password Reset. For example, apps that initiate the password reset process by sending you an email with a unique password reset link cannot be automatically reset. In addition, you must have proper admin permissions in Bitium to reset passwords for other users.

Go to Admin -> Security -> Password Reset

You can set up your organization to allow any administrator to reset passwords, change this setting on a per application basis or enforce that only credential owners (those who entered the actual credential set) can reset passwords.

Automatic Password Reset

Password Reset Settings

Once you have set the password reset settings, you can choose the default password length and character set used when resetting passwords. This can be found in Admin -> Settings -> Assignment Settings.

Note: you can always override this setting for individual applications.

Automatic Password Reset

Password Generator Settings

Overriding org default settings for passwords for a specific application:

In addition to the organization setting, which establishes the password settings across all apps, going to Admin -> Manage Apps -> App (like Dropbox) and clicking on the “Settings” tab, lets you change the character set and length of the passwords generated for a specific app.

Automatic Password Reset

Establishing Settings for Individual Apps

Now that your default settings are configured when you mouseover sections that show the password strength you will see a “reset” button. Clicking it will reset the password based on the settings you have stipulated. In addition, an email will be sent to the user letting them know that their password has been reset.