Recover a User’s Password via a Mobile Device

Android version 1.1.2 or greater required. iOS support is coming soon.

For organizations that use Bitium authentication, Active Directory or LDAP, admins can allow users to recover their passwords using their Android mobile devices. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select “Manage [Org]” to access the admin menu and then select “Security.”

  2. On the Security screen, select “Security Settings”


    Select Security settings

  3. Toggle the “Allow password recovery via mobile devices” to “ON”.


    Turn mobile password recovery feature on

NOTE: When the User clicks on the “Forgot Password” link they will be asked whether or not they can access their email. If they select “No, I can’t access my email” a push notification will be sent to their registered Android device. This will enable them to complete the Password Recovery on their mobile device.


If you do not see the toggle for allowing password recovery for mobile devices, please contact