Migrating to G Suite Password Vaulted Apps

Bitium will soon reach End-Of-Life (EOL). To continue accessing your apps and credentials, please consider migrating them to G Suite/Cloud Identity password vaulted apps. This article explains how to perform the migration. Refer to the G Suite support article for more information on using password vaulted apps in G Suite.
  1. The migration tool is being rolled out to our customers. To check if it has been enabled for your organization, log in as an administrator, and click on the “Manage <Your Org Name>” menu button. You will see the “Migrate to Google Cloud Identity” option the feature has been rolled out to your organization.


    Access the migration tool

  2. If this is the first time you are performing the migration, you will need to first perform an authorization to allow Bitium to connect to your Password Vaults. Click on “Connect to Google” to start the authorization process.


    Authorize Bitium to access your G Suite account, part 1

  3. If you have an active Google Apps / G Suite directory, click on “Authenticate”. Otherwise, click on “Install New Google App” to set up a directory to connect to your G Suite account.


    Authorize Bitium to access your G Suite account, part 2

  4. After clicking on Authenticate, you will see a pop up window asking you to sign into your G Suite account.


    Sign into your G Suite admin account

  5. After signing in, the dialog box will now ask you to grant permission to Bitium to access your organization. After reviewing, click on Allow to proceed.


    Grant permission to Bitium to access your organization

  6. After allowing the access, you will then see the confirmation that authorization has been successful. Click on Close and Continue, it will close the dialog box and you will return to Bitium.


    Authorization has been successful

  7. You will now see the “Start Migration” button. Clicking on this button will start the migration process.


    Click on Start Migration button to start the migration process

  8. If you have any apps that are not supported by G Suite Password Vaulted Apps, they will be displayed in the section below the Start Migration button. Please take a moment to review the list before you proceed with the migration process.

  9. Important: only credentials that are shared with the organization will be migrated. Credentials that have not been shared with the organization will not be migrated to G Suite. Please see this support article for more information on password visibility.

  10. Click on the Start Migration button to initiate the migration process.

  11. The migration process will be scheduled to start soon. Feel free to close this window and you will receive an email after the migration is complete.

  12. If any apps or credentials encountered any errors during the migration process, they will be shown together with the error message on this page.

  13. The Start Migration button will reappear after the entire supported apps and credentials have been migrated. You are allowed to click on it again to instantiate a new migration process. Please take note that subsequent migration process will only attempt to migrate the failed apps and credentials, as well as new records added after the last migration.

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