Manually Syncing Groups to Bitium from a Directory

Before you begin, ensure Auto-Sync Groups setting is turned off in your Directory

  1. Navigate to the Directories tab in the admin area

  2. Click on your directory

  3. Click on the “Settings” tab

  4. Ensure the “Auto-Sync Groups” toggle is OFF


    Off “Auto-Sync Groups”

Creating New Groups from a Synced Directory Group

  1. Navigate to the “Groups” tab in the admin area

  2. Select “Link Groups” at the top of the page


    Select “Link Groups”

  3. Select the groups you want to sync to Bitium from the list of directory groups on the left of the page


    Select groups

  4. Select “Done” at the top of the page

  5. Your groups and their corresponding users will now sync to Bitium upon your next directory sync

Linking an Existing Bitium Group to a Directory Group

  1. Follow steps 1-3 in previous section

  2. Before clicking “Done,” Select the settings icon next to the Bitium group that is set to be created from the directory group


    Select settings

  3. Select the option to “Select Existing Group” and select the group from the dropdown list that appears that you would like to link with your directory group


    Select Existing Group

  4. Click the blue “Done” button

  5. Repeat for each additional group you wish to link

  6. Click “Done” at the top of the page

  7. Your directory groups will now be linked with the existing Bitium groups you selected and your users will sync into those groups upon your next directory sync