Using App Labels

If you are a Bitium admin, you can add labels for each app installed for your org. These labels can be useful for keeping track of which apps are used by different groups or departments in your organization, and can save time when onboarding new employees.

Creating Labels

  1. Click “Manage [Org]” to access the Admin menu, then select “Manage Apps.”
  2. On the Manage Apps screen, find the “Labels” column for the app you wish to label and click where it says “Click to add.” This will open a text input area where you can type any label you wish to apply.
Any pre-existing labels that have been used by your org that match what you type will automatically appear. You can add multiple labels for each app.
Adding App Labels

Add Labels in the “Labels” Column

Removing Labels

To remove a label, click the blue “x” next to the label. Once you have finished removing or modifying labels for the app, click outside the Labels column area and your modifications will automatically be saved.

Adding App Labels

Click the “x” to Remove Labels

Searching Labels

You can search for apps associated with specific labels for easy organization and navigation by clicking on the “Label” dropdown on the Apps Overview page. In any Bitium search bar, you can search for specific labels.

Adding App Labels

Searching for Labels