IP Whitelisting

As a Bitium admin, you can whitelist an IP address or a range of IP addresses in order to restrict users’ ability to access Bitium to specific locations.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Manage [Org]” to access the admin menu and then select “Security.”

  2. On the Security Settings screen, select “IP Blocking.”

  3. On the IP Blocking screen, you can enter one or more IP addresses to whitelist (allow access). If you enable IP blocking, attempts to access your organization’s Bitium installation from any IP addresses that do not match your configuration will be denied.

    Before you can enable IP blocking, your current IP address (displayed on the IP blocking screen) must be included in the whitelist. This prevents you from locking yourself out of Bitium.

  4. To white-list a single IP address, fill in the “Start Address” field with the IP address, and click “Add”. If you wish to whitelist a range of IP addresses, enter the starting IP in the “Start Address” field, then click the “Enter as Range” box, enter the final IP in the “End Address” field, and click “Add”.

  5. Toggle the switch next to “IP Blocking Enabled” to ON. This settings change is saved automatically, and takes effect immediately.

    IP Whitelisting

    Toggle the Switch to ON

You can manage your IP whitelist by adding new entries, or by editing or removing your existing entries in the Allowed IP Addresses table on this screen.