Blacklisting and Whitelisting OU’s for Google Directory

Google Directory Whitelist/Blacklist

Google Directory Whitelist/Blacklist

Setting Import Rules

  • To import all users from the organization’s Google Directory, do not enter any Blacklist or Whitelist rules.
  • When a rule matches an organizational unit, all of it’s sub-units will also be included. It is important to note that rule matching is case-sensitive. You must match the capitalization, spacing and punctuation of the OU name.
    • When blacklisting an OU, all of its sub-OUs will be blacklisted.
    • When whitelisting an OU, all of its sub-OUs will be whitelisted.
  • In order to whitelist or blacklist a sub-OU, the full path must be specified. Taking the above directory as an example, to match the Social Media sub-OU with a blacklist or whitelist, the correct format would be: /Marketing/Social Media.

Example Directory Structure

Example Directory (Organizational Units and Sub-Organizational Units)

  • Marketing
    • LAX
    • NYC
    • Social Media
  • Sales
    • LAX
    • NYC
  • Sales Engineering

Example Filtering

  1. Include Marketing, but exclude Social Media

    • Blacklist: /Marketing/Social Media, /Sales

      It is important to note that /Sales must also be blacklisted (separated by a comma) which will exclude both /Sales and /Sales Engineering. Additionally, whitelisting /Marketing/LAX and /Marketing/NYC will NOT work because it will exclude anyone who is in the parent /Marketing unit.

  2. Include the Sales team only

    • Blacklist: /Sales Engineering, /M

      It is important to note here that using a whitelist with /Sales will also include /Sales Engineering. The /M in the blacklist will exclude the /Marketing OU.

  3. Include the LAX teams only

    • Whitelist: /Marketing/LAX, /Sales/LAX
  4. Include the LAX teams only

    • Whitelist: /Marketing/LAX, /Sales/LAX

Partial Matching Organizational Units

  • Entering /Market in the blacklist or whitelist will match:
    • /Market
    • /Marketing
    • /Marketing_team
    • /Market/LAX
    • /Marketing/Social
  • Will NOT match:
    • /market
    • /business/Market
    • /business/Marketing
    • /strategy_Market
    • /SalesandMarketing
It is important to note that matching an OU will also match all of its sub-OU’s. In order to match a sub-OU without its parent, the path must be specified.