Google Apps Auto-Provisioning


Bitium: All account levels; must be an Admin to set up

Google: Must have API access and have Admin permissions

What does this do? Auto-provisioning enables you to create new Google Accounts by adding Users to Bitium. This process helps make sure that appropriate Google Accounts are created and saves HR/Internal teams time by automatically creating them on your behalf.

How do I set this up? In order to auto-provision Google accounts in Bitium, you must first enable the Google API. To do this, please follow the steps noted here.

Once the Google API has been enabled:

  1. Go to Manage Apps

  2. Select Google Apps

  3. Select Connector

    Google Apps Connector Tab

    Google Apps Connector Tab

  4. Click Approve Access

    Approve Google Apps Access

    Approve Access to Google Apps

  5. You will then be prompted to select a Google account. You must select (or add, as needed) the Google Admin account that has access to create accounts within Google.

    Moving forward, when you assign users the Google Apps App from Bitium, a Google Account will automatically be generated for them. If a Google Account has already been created with the user name, a duplicate will not be created.

You are now set up to create Google Apps accounts by adding Users to Bitium.