Event Logs

This feature is only available on the Unlimited Plan

Bitium’s Event Logs offer admins greater visibility and deeper insight into various user activities happening in their organization. The Event Log captures more than 150 events (and counting!), allowing admins to identify, search, and report on the Event activities most important to them and their organizational. A complete list of the events captured in Bitium can be found below.

Bitium’s Event Log

To access your Org’s Event Log select “Event Log” from the admin menu. The Event Log can be filtered by event type, user, group, location (IP range), and date.

Filtered Event Log Example 1

Filtered Event Log Example 2

Org Admins will see all the events in the Org. Group Admins will only see events pertaining to the apps and users in their group.

After Filtering your events to your desired criteria, the data can be easily exported and emailed to you as a CSV file - click the “Export to CSV” link at the top left portion of the page