Setting up Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


Bitium: Unlimited Plan; must be an Admin to set up

Duo: Valid Duo Security account

Duo Security is a Two-Factor Authentication provider. Administrators can configure Duo in Bitium as their 2FA provider of choice.

Duo Security Setup:

  1. Login to Duo

  2. Search “Bitium” and click “Protect this application”

    Duo Security Integration

    Adding Bitium in Duo

  3. On the resulting screen, copy down the Integration key, Secret key and API hostname values.

    Duo Security Integration

    Copy the Relevant Values

You may also want to enable the “Remembered devices” option so users are not prompted on every Bitium login for their Duo code. To do this:

  1. On the same page, edit your Global Policy by clicking “Edit Global Policy”

    Duo Security Integration

    Edit Global Policy

  2. On the lefthand side, click “Remembered Devices”

    Duo Security Integration

    Set Remembered Devices

  3. In the Remembered Devices section, choose the radio button for “Users may choose to remember their device for [blank] days” and set the frequency.

    Duo Security Integration

    Configure Remember Device Setting

  4. Click “Save Policy”

Bitium Setup:

  1. Login to Bitium

  2. Click “Manage org”

  3. Select “Security”

  4. Click “Multi-Factor Authentication”

    Duo Security Integration

    Configure Multi-Factor Authentication

  5. Click “Duo Security” to configure Duo

    Duo Security Integration

    Configure Duo Security

  6. Enter the values for Duo Security into the form and click “Save Settings”. Don’t forget to check “enabled” to activate the settings.

    Duo Security Integration

    Enter Saved Values

  7. To see Duo in action, either login from a different browser session as a new user or logout/login with your current user.