Adding a Custom Webpage

Many Bitium customers like to add Custom Webpages to user dashboards. Custom Webpages are simply links to websites that do not require username and password login for access.

For example, an admin who has set up Bitium as the one-stop shop for onboarding new employees may wish to include a link to the company intranet, a resource page, the company homepage, etc. Adding these links as Custom Webpages allows them to provide links to these sites in the same way they provide access to other applications managed by Bitium.

Here’s how:

As an Admin

  1. Click “Manage [Org]” to access the Admin menu, then select “Manage Apps.”
  2. Click the “Add More Apps” button at the top of the screen.
  3. Search for “Custom Webpage” and select that option.
  4. On the ensuing page, enter a name and the site address (URL) of the webpage you would like to add. Then click “Install App.”
  5. To assign users to the newly-created custom webpage, click “Assign Users.”
  6. Choose the users you’d like to have access to the custom webpage and click “Done.”
  7. The custom webpage will now appear on the users’ dashboards.
You can also add custom webpages to groups so they are automatically assigned just like any other app.

As an End-User

  1. On your Bitium dashboard, click “Add an App.”
  2. Search for “Custom Webpage” and select that option.
  3. Enter the site address (URL) and click “Add App.”
  4. The custom webpage will now appear on your Bitium dashboard.