Adding a Custom App

As a general rule, any apps that you would like to access through Bitium should be requested directly from Bitium Support by emailing By requesting an app directly from us, it allows us to ensure that the app is fully integrated with all Bitium features, including SAML, password reset, auto-provisioning, etc.

For tech savvy users who would prefer to add their own app for single sign-on (without the additional integrations), Bitium offers the ability to add “Custom Apps.”

If you are an Administrator and would like to add a Custom App across your organization or Group, you can go to the Manage Apps page in your Bitium admin menu and follow the steps outlined below.

You can only add apps with login and password fields as Custom Apps. Sites with custom login URLs or additional fields can not be added as Custom Apps. Please request these apps directly from Bitium Support.

Here is how to add a Custom App:

  1. Click “Add an App” on your Bitium dashboard.

  2. Type “Custom App” in the search bar of the popup.

    Adding a Custom App to Bitium

    Search for “Custom App”

  3. If your Org already has one or more Custom Apps installed, make sure you select “Create a New Install” in the ensuing window.

  4. Fill in the appropriate fields for the Custom App installation you are setting up. Steps 5-7 will show you how to gather the information necessary to fill out the fields. You will need to open a separate browser tab or window to gather this information and complete the setup.

    Adding a Custom App to Bitium

    Fill out Fields for Custom App

  5. For this example, we will use Facebook as the sample “Custom App.” For the Login and Password fields (above), you will need to go to the app itself, right-click on the area where you would enter your email address, and click “Inspect Element.” Repeat this step for the field where you enter your password.

    Adding a Custom App to Bitium

    Inspecting Elements of Required Fields

  6. A console displaying the source code of the page will appear, with a blue-highlight over the source for the field you clicked on.

  7. Please view the image below showing you the items that will be needed to add the Custom App. The numbers shown correspond to the numbers on the add custom app screen.

    Adding a Custom App to Bitium

    Field Names

    NOTE: Only enter the text that follows id= without the quotation marks.

  8. Keeping the tab or window open, copy the items shown above to the matching number in the Custom App Installation screen below.

    Adding a Custom App to Bitium

    Completed Custom App Fields

  9. Once complete, enter your username and password, select “Add App,” and the process is complete.

If you are not successfully logged into the app after completing these steps, first confirm that the field names you entered match the elements in the app exactly. If it still doesn’t work, please contact for assistance. There are some apps that will not automatically integrate with Bitium’s system using the Custom App functionality, but our team will be happy to take a look for you!