Configuring an IP Policy for an app

At Bitium, we understand that not all corporate apps are the same. Some apps are more important and more sensitive than others and must require additional security safeguards including IP controls.

Bitium’s App IP Policies allow admins to control access to their org’s apps by IP address. With an Unlimited Plan subscription, admins can set an App IP policy by simply specifying a whitelisted or blacklisted range of IP addresses.

In a whitelist policy, admins set an IP range for an app and users will be blocked if they try to access that app from an IP address outside the specified range. For a blacklist policy, admins set an IP range for an app and users will be blocked if they try to access the app from an IP address included in the range.

Note: App IP Policies only affect user access through Bitium. These policies do not prevent users from directly accessing the applications. However, users accessing the app from outside the permitted IP range will not have access to app passwords in Bitium.

To set an App IP Policy:

  1. Select “Security” and then “App IP Policies”.

  2. Click “Add Policy”.

  3. Name the Policy.

  4. Specify a “Whitelist” or “Blacklist” Policy.

  5. Set an IP range. Multiple ranges can be added.

  6. Click “Create Launch Policy”.

    App Access

    Configure App IP Policy

  7. Now Add a Policy to an app from the App “Settings” page.

  8. Click “Edit” to add the policy. Only one IP policy can apply per app. If multiple IP ranges are desired, it is possible to add multiple IP ranges within a single App IP policy.

    App Access

    Add Policy to app

  9. Users trying to access an app from a blacklisted IP address will see a grayed-out icon on their user dashboard. Additionally, users will not be able to copy the password for the app. It will look something like this:

    App Access

    IP-restricted application

Note: Whitelisted APP IP ranges will not override set Organization-level IP ranges.