Bulk Removal of Pending and Invited Users in Bitium

Admins have the ability to bulk remove all pending and/or invited users in their org’s Bitium account.

  1. Navigate to your org’s admin section and click “Manage Users.”

  2. Click “Filter By:” and choose either “Invited Users”, “Pending Users”, or “Pending & Invited Users”. Whichever filter you select will determine the group of users you are going to bulk remove.

    Choose Filter

    Filter by “Pending & Invited Users”

  3. Once you filter the list to display the group of users you would like to remove, a blue button will appear that says “Deactivate group here Users”. Click the this button if you’re ready to move forward with the bulk removal of those users.

    Choose Filter

    Remove Pending & Invited Users

  4. Confirm the bulk removal.

    Confirm Removal

    Confirm Bulk Removal

  5. Enjoy all that time you’ve saved by removing the users in bulk!

If your org is using a directory sync this feature will not prevent users from being reactivated into your organization from an external directory sync. To ensure that users who are deactivated stay in that state, make sure “Reactivate Users” is toggled off in your primary directory settings.