App Whitelisting

By default, Bitium allows users to freely add any of our 7,000+ applications available in our app marketplace to their dashboard. There may be situations where an admin would want to place some restrictions on the apps that are readily available to their users. This is where our App Whitelisting feature comes into play!

Bitium admins have the ability to specify whether an app is Whitelisted, Request-Only, or Admin Only.

  • Whitelisted means that any user can add those applications (this is the default setting for applications unless otherwise specified).
  • Request Only means that when a user goes to add that application to their dashboard, an admin will have to approve access to that application before the user will see it appear on their dashboard.
  • Admin Only means that can only be added by organization admins.

To restrict access to a subset of org apps:

  1. Click “Manage org” and select “Settings”

  2. Click “App Access”

    App Access

    Select App Access from Settings

  3. Search the app you’d like to set as “Request-Only” or “Admin-Only”

    Add App to list

    Add App to list

Users will now clearly see when an app is set with additional access requirements or not available at all. “Request-Only” apps inform the user that a request for approval will be sent to an admin. “Admin-Only” apps will be displayed but grayed out in the app marketplace.

Example Add App