Adding Users to your Organization

There are multiple ways to add new users to a Bitium org.

Adding New Users

As an admin, you can invite new users and assign them access to any apps installed in your Bitium org. Users can be added manually (for when you hire one, or a few, new people and want to add them to the system), or in bulk (via a .csv file). You can also import users directly into Bitium by syncing with a directory (such as Active Directory, Google Apps, LDAP, JumpCloud, or an HR system).

Adding Users Manually

  1. Click “Manage Org”
  2. Select “Manage Users”
  3. Click “Add Users”
  4. Enter the full name and email address of the user you’d like to add.
  5. You can choose to email invite the new user, add the new user as an admin, or add the new user to a group when adding the user (Bitium Tip: You can always email invite the user later).
  6. Click “Add Users”

Adding Users in Bulk

  1. Click “Manage [Org].”
  2. Select “Manage Users.”
  3. Click the “Import Users” button.
  4. Click “Select your CSV file” and choose the CSV file on your computer. (The format for the spreadsheet should be: First Name, Last Name, Email OR Full Name, Email)
  5. Check the box if you’d like to be notified of a successful import.
  6. Click “Import Users.”

Adding Users Via a Directory

To add users by synching with a directory (Active Directory, Google Apps, BambooHR, etc.), please search Bitium’s support articles for the appropriate directory. The corresponding article will provide you with the steps necessary to synchronize and add users.